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Welcome to our All-Love, SEICHIM, SEKHEM, SKHM and SEICHEM Community of healing arts

This is a community based web site that is open to all people who want to find factual information about SEICHIM, SKHM, SEICHEM and SEKHEM
This is the home page of the original SEICHIM HEALING, also spelled SEKHEM, SKHM and SEICHEM.
SEICHIM has been spelled in many ways over the years as the original teachings were all oral.

The intent of this site is to build a community of individuals who have a strong connection to the SEICHIM, SEKHEM, SKHM, and SEICHEM energy stream.
If you have been looking for the source and information you can find it here.
If you cannot find it here please ask. It is our intent that through knowledge and an open heart our community can become one and work together to help in these times.
It is time to dissolve and heal the separation that has existed in the
SEICHIM and SEKHEM community through ALL-LOVE.



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